Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yet another beautiful fall day in Sweden

Yet another beautiful fall day. If November was like this most days I would not mind and if I could also get to spend time outside in the sunlight then I also would not mind so much. But the sad thing is that sun sets now at around 4 pm. It will unfortunately also get worse. Days won't start to get longer until around the 22 of December and in the beginning it is so gradual that you hardly notice. But for now I just enjoyed my beautiful sunny Sunday. Here are some more pics from our neighborhood. From our porch area we have this view over the canal and the large church that you can spot the church tower of I would guess is Katarina church.

Even if the trees are getting barren now I am surprised that there are still quite some amount of leafs on many trees.

Here is a funny fountain area close to where we live. At different times the water beams are low and then all of a sudden they fly high into the air. I think it is a pretty fountain.

It was one of those cool crispy perfect fall days. A great day for a walk. I am so happy I got an extra day off this weekend considering the weather has been so great. I really needed this extra day off. I feel I got some good quality time. I have been longing to take a walk and bring my camera a long and be able to go out and just take pictures. Prior to this week I was feeling I did not have any nice pics for the blog and a blog without pictures is quite a sad blog. I am really happy this weekend offered me some very nice photo opportunities.

Hammarbysjostad has been an docking station for boats before they built residencial homes here.The big crane is still standing here as a memory.

The Swedish flag against the bluest of skies. As you can see here there still are trees that have beautiful fall colors to display.

Other trees have on the other hand lost all their leafs by now. The branches against the clear blue sky do look nice in their way also. Something else that I discovered this weekend was the fish-wagon at the big plaza where I take the tram. In some places here in Sweden (a lot more common in southern Sweden in cities like Gothenburg) there you can find this kind of fish wagon that brings fresh fish for sale. You can of course by fish in the regular supermarket but it is nice to buy it directly and locally like this. Friday evening I saw it for the first time. A man that just got off the tram went to the fish wagon and bought some smoked shrimp. So I might also buy some nice fresh fish here from time to time.


Saltistjejen said...

Underbart!!! passa på att njuta! Den här årstiden måste man ta till vara varenda fin dag.

Marie said...

Vilka fina bilder! Hösten är ändå ganska vacker... :) Men nu är det kanske snöstorm hos er? Finns en skönhet i det också! :)

Katarina på Filippinerna said...

Underbara klara härliga bilder, det känns som luften är lite3 klar och kall.

Desiree said...

Saltis, helt ratt!

Marie, sadana har dagar ar toppen. Ja nu verkar det vara snostrom pa vag. Jag hoppas bara att man tar sig hem ordentligt efter jobbet.

Katarina, tack. Det ar underbart med den dar kyliga krispiga luften.

Annika said...

TACK för alla bilder du lägger ut. Jag älskar det verkligen!
Så härligt att se Sthlm, bästa stan i världen!!
Och vilket ljus. Ovch ändå är det november...

Desiree said...

Annika, tack själv. Jättekul att få sådan uppskattning som du visar. Det var verkligen fantastiskt väder i helgen och underbart att vara ute med kameran.

Anna, Fair and True said...

Vilka underbara bilder!

Det kan vara Sofia kyrka också. Har svårt att se på bilden.