Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Just finished a great and very yummy Sunday brunch at home. Me and C both got up quite early today. C was going mountain biking with some friends and I decided to head to the gym so that I would also get to exercise a bit. I was surprised because the gym was more packed than on weekdays with people. I was hoping to attend a spinning class but as I had not booked I had to relay on some drop outs but no one dropped out. So I did a work out on my own. 

Working out is not always that fun while you are doing it but the feeling afterwards is just the greatest. I fixed the brunch and set the table as C had not yet come home to give him a nice surprise. 

 So when he arrived we was greeted by the scent of freshly brewed coffee and warm bread right out of the oven. 

 Also added some left overs of fruit sallad from yesterday and made some scrambled eggs. I absolutely love Sunday brunches. Played some good ole country music and read the paper. 

I hope you all are having nice relaxed Sundays. Now we are heading out to do something. I actually don't know but maybe it is C's turn to surprise me.


Marie said...

Vilken härlig brunch! Mums! :)

Annika said...

SER SÅ GOTT ut! Totalt mysigt också!!
Jag skulle just nu bara vilja dyka genom datorn och äta det ni åt!!

Monica said...

Ser underbart ut:-)

Lotta said...

Love your brunch!!!!

Gud vilken härlig start, motion och så en lång frukost på det. Komma hem till nybakat bröd. Mmmmm!

Gillar att C ska överraska dig idag med något. Lovely!

Ha en härlig söndag


Saltistjejen said...

Så GOTT och så vackert!!!

Desiree said...

Marie, ja det blev riktigt gott :-)

Annika, önskar att man kunde dyka genom datorerna och smaka lite ibland jag med. Perfekt sätt att mysa till en lite trist januaridag.

Monica, tack.

Lotta, tack så mycket. Detta är ju något i din smak helt och hållet när det gäller detta inlägg. Ett litet livsnjutar inlägg :-)

Saltis, tackar!

anna of sweden said...

Oj, vad gott det ser ut! Jag blev akut sugen på fruktsallad! ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Nothing beats brunch!
Meg ~

Desiree said...

Anna, fruktsallad kan jag rekomendera, gott, nyttigt och så lätt att fixa.

Meg, thanks, I love brunch.
Take Care.