Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some questions and answers

This Q & A has circulated on several blogs, and I decided to join and fill it out so here goes:

* How old are you in five years’ time?
Ooops I will have passed the big 40 – can that really be correct? That must be wrong or...

* Who was the last person you met?
Actually it was a whole bunch of people, all the people at my spinning class that I went to this evening.

* How tall are you?
162 cm

* Which was the last film you saw?
Saw a movie with Helen Hunt but I don’t remember the name of it.

* Who was the last person you called?
It was C.

* What did your last text message say and to whom?
Hmmm I don’t text that often so I don’t remember. I am too slow texting so I prefer emailing.

* What are today’s plans?
Today was work, then spinning class and then going home to cook dinner and eat dinner.

* Do you prefer to call or send a text message?

I prefer sending a text over calling but I prefer email the most.

* Are your parents married, living together (without being married) or divorced?
Still married (since 1970).

* When was the last time you saw your mother?
This weekend for Sunday dinner.

* Which colour do your eyes have?

* When did you wake up today?
6:20 as usual on workdays. Wishing I could sleep just a little longer as always.

* Have you ever found a cat?

* Which is your favourite place?
Any place that is pretty, where the weather is nice and I am free to enjoy the day as I wish.

* Which is your least favourite place?
Places where you have to wait in line or wait in general like airports, doctors offices, hospitals, cold trainstations and bus stops.

* Where do you think that you are in ten years’ time?
If only I knew! I think about this question very often. I have no idea at all and maybe I am kind of happy not knowing after all. Hopefully somewhere nice where I and C enjoy being for the moment.

* What scared you as a child?
Many things from monsters and ghosts to stomach flu and deadly diseases.

* Who made you laugh recently?
My collage at work , E whom just wanted to inform us that if we were using the phone in the small conference room we should be aware of that the door next to this room makes a weird sound. The person she had just finished talking to had actually asked her if she had problems with gases in her stomach as the door made a kind of farting sound as she put it. So just bear that in mind if you are making business calls from that phone she told us. I wondered if she had just finished a business call still laughing. No she had been talking to her boyfriend.

* Are you too young to own vinyl records?
No but I kind of wish I could answer yes on this question.

* Do you have a laptop or a desk top?
Laptop and love it.

* Do you sleep with or without clothes?
With a short sleeved night gown and underwear. Naked would feel way too cold.

*How many pillows do you have in your bed?
We have three. Two larger memory foam kinds and a regular one. We may be crazy but we even have names for our pillows. The two large memory foam ones are called Skummis and Skumma. The regular pillow I have had for ever and I like it very much but C hates this pillow – his name is Sponge Bob anyhow.

* How many landscapes / regions have you lived in?
Lived in Dalarna, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Egypt, Alabama, Nicaragua.

* Have you ever puked while drunk?
Yes and every time it has been a horrible experience. I hope I never have to go through it again.

* Do you prefer shoes, socks or barefoot?
I like walking barefoot in summer if it is not on gravel. Othewise I love wearing my sneakers but then with socks.

* Are you social?
Yes and no. I have no problems being social and I very much enjoy it but I also need alone time by myself each day.

* Which is your favourite ice cream?
Oh my god do I have to choose? I am a huge ice cream fan and having to choose is almost impossible. Some of my favorites are pistachio, dark chocolate and vanilla.

* Do you like coffee?
Love coffee, could not imagine life without it.

* What do you drink for breakfast?
Coffee on weekdays and coffee and tea on weekends.

* Do you sleep on any special side?
Like to sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the bathroom as I often wake up once and have to get up to pee. Also I always lie on my stomach when falling asleep anyway. Another funny/crazy thing is that I always sleep upside down in bed. I have my head at the bottom of the bed and my feet up where normal people have their head. I like to sleep opposite to C as I believe that putting this distance away from his head makes me less disturbed by his snoring.

* Do you know how to play poker?

* Do you like to “mysa” (to have a cosy time)?
Yes, who does not? The best is to curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch a good movie or read a good book. I also like snuggling up close to C and reading the newspaper in bed on weekends.

* Do you know anybody with the same birthday as you?
Yes, one of our neighbors in Alabama had the same birthday as I did.

* Do you know any other languages than English (questionnaire was in Swedish originally so the question was ”Do you know any other languages than Swedish?”)
Swedish, English and Spanish.

* Have you ever been in an ambulance?
No, I have been very fortunate so far in my life.

* Do you prefer the sea or a pool?
I love the sea! But I also love swimming with slow strokes in a clear pool.

* What do you prefer spending money on?
Travels, photography, good food, interior design, sportswear.

* Have you ever smoked?
Tried but never liked it.

* What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Lunch about 8 hours ago so now I am starving and waiting for dinner to be ready.

* Who is the funniest person you know?
C, he can be incredibly silly sometimes.

* Choose a scar on your body?
I have one on my left hand from a plate that fell from a shelf and I tried to catch it as it was falling but it broke then and it cut me. I also have another one from making Swedish Christmas candy. A drop of hot melted sugar dripped on one of my fingers and burnt me. Both incidents happened in our kitchen in the house in Alabama.

* Where was the photo taken for your blog header?
In Monument Valley USA.

* Do you know how to change the oil in a car?
Yes and proud to say so. C has taught me quite some about cars.

* Which was the last book you read?
A book called The last American man by Elisabeth Gilbert (who wrote Eat, Pray and Love). Very interesting book and portrait of a man that lives out in the wild.

* Do you read newspapers?
Yes, on weekends we have a subscription of the daily paper Dagens Nyheter. It is perfect to have a weekend subscription as it is then that we have time to read the paper.

* Do you have a magazine subscription?
Yes, I got one for a nice cooking magazine from my mother as a Christmas present.

* When were you last time in church?
Shortly before Christmas when me and C went to church for a Christmas concert that was really nice.


Marianne said...

Kul lista det här. Kanske snor den en vacker dag.

Vilken mattidning är det du har? Jag har Gourmet.

Haha, jag tror vi får döpa om dig till Pippi Långstrump! De enda jag vet som sover med fötterna på huvudkuddssidan är du och Pippi : ) Men jag förstår dig, jag har en kudde emellan, för annars andas han rakt i ansiktet på mig så att jag inte kan somna. Det liksom blåser .... : D


Desiree said...

Marianne, Laga Lätt blev det som jag fick av mamma. Jag tycker de har bra vardagsrecept. Ha ha det har du rätt i jag sover som Pippi med fötterna uppe vid huvudkudden och huvudet nere vid fotändan. Jag förstår dig så väl jag gillar inte heller då någon andas rakt in i ansiktet på mig.

Anne-Marie said...

Säger som Marianne - kul lista. Och nu har vi lärt oss litet mer om Desiree. ;) Intressant att du sover "upp och ner". Men alla sätt är bra utom de dåliga. :) Kram!

Desiree said...

Anne-Marie, listor är riktigt kul med jämna mellanrum. Man lär sig alltid något nytt om den bloggvännen som man inte visste innan.

Annika said...

KUL, jg gillar, ja älskar listor. Läser listorna med största intresse. Inser att våra rädslor som barn var mkt, mkt lika. OCH än idag är jag livrädd för det där, speciellt för dödliga sjukdomar, men även för magsjukor. Mörkrädd är jag än och äve spökrädd, men de rädsloprna har mattats medan sjukdomssk
skräcken blivit värre :-)
KUL sovsätt, men om det funkar så gör det det. Måste också, som Marianne, ha en kudde emellan mig och P. Vill inte sova med hans andedräkt i fejset, och inte han med min :-)
Jättekul lista.
Stora kramar!!!

Taina said...

Ja den här har jag sett på flera ställen nu. Lär mig något nytt hos alla bloggare och DET är kul. Visste t.ex inte att du bott på så många spännande platser. Är det när du var barn eller vuxen?

Kram kram

Petra H said...

Ha ha, vilken rolig kommentar från din kollega! Hi hi, inte visste jag att du sover som Pippi! Jag hoppas att C inte har stinkiga fötter :D

anna of sweden said...

Vad kul att läsa! Så du har bott i Egypten och Nicaragua? Det låter spännande!