Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine's day to you all. I hope you all get a romantic day. If you are not into romance I still think it is a nice day to send a thought to all your loved ones such as friends and family. I saw this cute chocolate heart at a bakery I passed. Very international. 

I think that people either love to celebrate this day or don't like it at all. I guess we have all heard it that it is such a commercial day and something that just is in favor for all those that sell cards, flowers and chocolate. I think it is a nice day to remind people about their loved ones and take the opportunity to celebrate all those whom we love and cherish. Sure you can do this any day or the year but how often do you? Silly or not, I like Valentines day.  I say go for it and get carried away by romance and love.

I am not planing on making a big deal but I bought a little something for C.

A new butcher-deli shop opened in our neighborhood. This is one of the things that I really like about Hammarbysjöstad. I like that there are lots of small shops like this one, restaurants and coffee shops. This is actually the second meat deli shop in the area. I think it adds charm to have these small specialized stores. Here they will sell fine cuts of meat and have a greater selection of meat compared to the regular supermarket selection. Besides meat they also had a great selection of cheeses. I did not buy anything this time but I might very well come back and get something later or. Since there are now two meat deli shops I hope eventually there would open a fish market. I loved to go to the fish market restaurant/store in Alabama. It was very close to work so it was very convenient to stop by there usually at the end of the working week.

We also got a new bakery that opened shortly before Christmas last year. It is named after the pastry chef that is very famous as he is the one that has made desserts for the Nobel Prize ceremony for the past 10 years and also made the cake on His Majesty the Kings 60:tieth birthday.

Magnus Johansson himself is actually standing here as I was taking the picture. I love that they have these big glas windows so you can take a peek as you pass by and see what is going on in the bakery . It sure looks like the "Semlor" are going strong. They have the most deliscious sour dough bread here. Well, just about everything here looks so good as you step in.

Hopefully the cold and harsh winter is about to get milder. At least temperatures have turned a little bit milder and hopefully we won't get more snow. I am so ready for spring now! At least days are getting longer and as you can see from the paper sunrise now is at 7:30 and sunset at 4:30, yay! So happy about that. Now I get to see some daylight as I head to work. It really makes a huge difference. 

Happy Valentine's to all of you. For this week I bought these orange/red tulips. 


Anne-Marie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Desiree! :) Jag spanade i affärerna när jag var i Mt Shasta i lördags och det var faktiskt mindre än vad jag trodde. Mataffären hade massor med ballonger och Rite-Aid hade hur mycket godis som helst med Valentine's tema. C blir säkert glad - antar att han inte tjuvtittar på din blogg. ;) Det verkar som om Hammarbysjöstad har allt möjligt. Trevligt! Kramar!

Marie said...

Nej, vad elakt Desiree, att visa semlor så där! De ser så himlans smaskiga ut... mums! Tur att jag åt en hemma vid jul eftersom det inte verkar som om jag får nån mer i år! Får kanske baka själv...

Jag tycker absolut man ska uppmärksamma kärlekens dag, vi firar ju faktiskt Jesus födelsedag vid jul, så nog borde vi fira kärlekens dag?! Det behöver inte vara dyra presenter och stora gester, det lilla duger så bra så. Hoppas du får en bra kärleksdag! :)

Desiree said...

Anne-Marie, happy valentines till dig också. Hoppas du får en fin dag.

Marie, hi hi var inte alls meningen ;-)
De finns ju överrallt just nu. Nu laddas det rejält inför Fettisdagen nästa vecka. Jag tycker det bara är trevligt att fira kärlekens dag eller fira alla man tycker om som man också kan göra. Bring it on.
Kram och ha en fin dag.

Lotta said...

Dearest, sweetest Desiree!!

Happy Valentine!

Du sprider värme och love här i din blogg. Vilka underbara bilder. You got me carried away ;)

Önskar jag kunde ge dig en stor kram på riktigt, men den kommer så här istället...


Taina said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Jag tycker också det är kul med denna dag. Varför inte fira liksom?

Kram kram

Annika said...

DET skulle jag viöja ja!

Jamenvisst, ta dagen i akt och fira både kärlek och vänskap!
Varför inte?
Jag säger också; kör PÅ!!

OCH GLAD V-dag till dig, min bästaste!!!!

Katarina said...

Happy Valentine Day, Desiree!. Vilka vackra bilder du har tagit, semlorna ser smarriga ut än om de är STORA!