Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday in progress

Today is extra special and nice Saturday. It happens to be my birthday. I have stopped counting years instead I just focus on having a great day. So far the day has been very nice. A nice slow start. Lingering in bed taking it easy, reading both blogs and the newspaper. Yesterday when I came home this large and very lovely flower arrangement was waiting for me when I arrived home by the door. My parents sent me this gorgeous flowers. I love the colors and the arrangement.

Also there was a small something from my dear C for me this morning. Something small but really beautiful. Right now after the move I don´t want more large things. We just don´t have space and room for more stuff so what I got here was just perfect. I still consider this apartment quite small (70 square meters or about 700 square feet) but hey I am born a Texas chic and have just spent four years living down in the deep South. It is funny as I have mentioned before because when I talk to my collages at work they consider this size of an apartment very big.

More pics of the flowers that I got from my dear parents. I love these kinds of flowers as they are a kind that lasts quite long. They can last and look pretty for up to two weeks easily. I love the tulips that C gave me but they will only last for a few more days before I have to say goodbye to them.

Yes we did get some snow yesterday here in Stockholm. First snow of the year always takes people by surprise and there were quite some traffic incidents. I did not go by bike yesterday and nor did C. I took the train and I am happy I did. I saw some poor people going on their bikes as I was riding the bus for the last part of my journey to work. They looked pretty miserable on their bikes. Cold and wet with the snow flurries coming straight at their face so they had to shield their eyes from the snow.

Of course I stared the day with a yummy birthday breakfast with some home made really good waffles and fruit sallad. It is not whipped cream I have on top but instead some nice really good Swedish yougurt. I am not a big fan of whipped cream.

So I just realize that I did not tell you what was in that pretty little gift from C wrapped in the silver paper. This is what I got.

A pair of really beautiful pearl earrings! I had some weeks ago past a jewelry store and seen them in the window. I fell in love at once. I like the simple design that makes them work both on everyday regular basis as well as for more festive occasions. The quality is outstanding. I just love the way they shine.

Well for now the birthday will continue and so will the celebrating. Me and C are cooking a something really nice for tonight. We decided on dinner at home. But tomorrow we are going for a brunch at one of the nice hotels in Stockholm.


Taina said...

Åh GRATTIS Desiree!!! Hip, hip HURRAAAA!!

Vilka fina örhängen! De skulle jag också ha förälskat mig i. At once.

Hoppas ni får en trevlig födelsemiddag och njut av din dag!


SweFloKeto said...

Grattis på födelsedagen!

Hoppas att du får en trevlig och mysig dag!

Kramar från ett tyvärr fortfarande 85F-gradigt Florida...


Katarina said...


Vackra blommor och tjusiga oronhangen! Mycket vackra. Ha en bra helg!

Saltistjejen said...

Örhängena var otroligt fina!!!!!
Ha nu en riktigt fortsatt fin födelsedagkskväll (för det är det väl snart hos er). Njut!

Annika said...

Grattis kära vän!!!
Vilka vackra örhängen C gav dig idag!! Superfina!!
Här är det lite kylslaget, 8 grader. Men vackert väder.
Hoppas du får en fortsatt bra fdlsedag!!
Stora, stora kramar från mig!!!

Desiree said...

Taina, tack. Vad kul att du också gillade örhängena. Ha en trevlig helg.

Sweflo, fortfarande riktigt varmt i FL. Jag kommer nog att längta mer och mer efter värme allt eftersom det blir mer och mer vinter. Kram!

Katarina, tack så mycket. Jag har verkligen blivit uppvaktad av både maken och föräldrar.

Saltis, tack :-) Jo det har varit en underbar dag hittills och vi kommer fortsätta njuta.

Annika, tack vännen. Oj bara 8 grader då är det nästan som här. Det gillar ju du så du får passa på att njuta.Hösten är så vacker i USA.

Suzesan said...

Vackra örhÄngen.

Stort GRATTIS på födelsedagen...bättre sent grattis än aldrig eller hur. Läste först nu.

Hurra hurra hurra hurra för Desiree.


Desiree said...

Suzesan, tack. Jag blir jätteglad över ditt gratis. Grattis lite i efterskott funkar jättebra också. Tack :-)

Anonymous said...

GRATTIS i efterskott! Jag hoppas att din dag var underbar och det ser den verkligen ut att ha varit!

Desiree said...

Skruttplutt,tack. Jag fick en underbar dag.

Anna, Fair and True said...

Grattis i efterskott! Vilken fin bukett och vilka fina örhängen! Lät som en bra födelsedag! Kram!