Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Weekend

Those last days with warmer temperatures that still had a hint of summer in them are gone now. Cooler winds have arrived and now it sure feels like fall is here. It is still very pretty outside with leafs in all shades of golden, bright yellow and bright red. Today me and C took a real nice and very long walk. We walked for more than three hours. We walked to the city center from Sjöstaden and all the way back. The air was cool and crispy but not too cold as long as we kept walking. This long walk was exactly what we needed. Both of us were kind of tired today. Yesterday we had C´s cousin and his fiance over for dinner. We had a very nice evening that carried on pretty late. Time flies when you are having fun. Good food, wine and great company makes a great evening.

Otherwise I have also been busy playing this game(Bejewled) on my phone. I am totally addicted. C likes to call it for the "cleaning game" as you have to organize the figures and shapes into rows of three or more. So yes in a way you have to manage and organize. It may be silly but I love this game.

On my way home Friday I made a stop by the flower shop and bought some flowers. I was asked if it was a gift but I answered, no it is just for me. Fresh flowers are just one of those small things that make me happy. Why not give yourself a gift like that.

I love the colors specially the dark wine colored Dahlia. Love Dahlias that are just so beautiful. I think it goes great with the big pink fluffy Chysanthemum flowers.

Sunday we had a guest for brunch at our place. My younger brother (my only brother) was here in Sweden on business and I invited him over. He lives in Moscow with his wife and children. I am so happy we got to see each other as we don't get the chance to do so more than a couple of times each year.

I made American blueberry pancakes and yummy mango smoothies. Then we walked with my brother all the way into the city center. We were first thinking of taking the boat back but did not feel like waiting for the boat half an hour before it was to arrive so we just walked all the way back also. My feet and legs are tired now. After dinner I am going to kick back and stretch out on the couch with a movie.


Lotta said...

Härligt med riktigt lång promenad så där! Roligt att ni har haft middag och brunch också, även om det är lite extra fix så är det roligt och kärt fix.

Härlig blombukett, for you! Helt rätt!

Kram och ha en fin måndag

Desiree said...

Lotta, tack.Ja det blev en skön och fin helg både med blommor, långpromis och gäster.

Annika said...

Som vanligt jättefina bilder!
Låmga prommisar är guld. Ja, ni har det lite kyligare nu, men vi ska hoppas att solen kommer att glittra ner på er också.
Absolut superbra att köpa blommor till sig själv!!!
Dahlior är underbara!

Desiree said...

Annika,tack. Det var länge sedan jag gick så långt men det var riktigt skönt.

Anne-Marie said...

Färska blommor är alltid uppiggande och fint. Vi har väldigt dåligt utbud här tyvärr med färska blommor. Jag minns när jag fyllde 35 och mina föräldrar skulle blommografera - jag var här i Mt Shasta. Blommorna som levererades var hängiga redan när de kom. Din brunch såg verkligen god ut. :) Kram!

Millan said...

Gott med en riktigt hostprommis! Och roligt med besok over helgen ocksa. De dar pannkakorna ser sa himla goda ut! Gor du dem med vitt mjol eller med nagon annan variant?


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