Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkins, pictures and much more

Let's continue my weekend in pictures. I did get some pumpkins yesterday at the Farmers Market. I have been looking for pumpkin patches around Stockholm but so far I have not been able to find any. So I bought these and arranged a little fall decoration of some kind. Saving the pumpkins for carving when it's Halloween. Even if Halloween here never can measure up to Halloween in the states at least you start to see some costumes and stuff being sold at the toy stores now.

I love pumpkins because they are very decorative coming in all sorts of shapes and colors. I love eating them too, making pumpkin soup or just grilling them in the oven. There is so much you can do with pumpkins as they are so neutral in their taste. You can use them for baking bread as well as pies and muffins ect.

Today was one of those clear and sunny fall days. The best kind, when the air is chilly and the water is just as blue as it ever gets. I love fall when you got days like these.

After a nice and long breakfast (having Swedish pancakes and a fresh fruit salad) I was ready to get out into the sunshine and enjoy the day. I decided to take the ferry with my bike.

When I got to the dock I had just missed the ferry so I had to wait for about 15 minutes until the next one came but since I was not in a hurry it was fine. Standing in the sunshine felt great.

My mission of the day was to get to museum of photography (Fotografiska) beacuse there was this exhibition I wanted to see. I could not believe the long line of people as I got there. This museum must really do well considering all the visitors they are getting. The line moved quite quickly so it wasn't as bad as first anticipated.

I wanted to see this exhibition about the pictures that photographer Nick Brandt has taken of animals on the African continent. His pictures are really outstanding in quality so I can understand that this exhibition draws a lot of people.

He has taken some amazing pictures! I must say that he has really captured the soul of many of the animals. He is actually a portrait photographer and when taking these pictures of animals he did not use any long distance lense because he wanted to get up close to the animals. If you got the chance to go and see his pictures I can really recommend going.

The theme park, Grönalund. Has probably closed for the season by now.

Love Stockholm because it is such a beautiful city. Love hearing the sound of water, being surrounded by the bluest of water and feeling the scent of it in the air.

Something else that I also really appreciate about Stockholm is that you can get around so easy in so many different ways. Even if C was gone and had taken the car I have not even missed not having the car. I have been able to get around just great with my bike. I also appreciate the many things that are always going on in Stockholm. You can always find events, exhibitions and other cultural events going on and taking place. This is something that I missed when living in Birmingham, AL. The museum of art and civil rights were both great but other than those two the selection was not just that much. Here there is just so much more to choose from. I guess if you live in a bigger city you get much more of a selection. Pros and cons as always about bigger and smaller cities.

Now I am awaiting my husband back from his hunting trip. Talked to him earlier today and it turns out they actually got a moose yesterday. So they could really celebrate their good hunting yesterday.


Saltistjejen said...

Underbara Bilder på en underbar stad en underbar dag!!!

Katarina said...

Härliga bilder! Ser ut som er helg varit fin och vad kul att gå på utställningen!

Desiree said...

Saltis, tack så mycket. Stockholm är underbart vackert när höstsolen lyser.

Katarina,tack. Uställningen var kanon så jag förstår att det drar mycket folk.

OhioGirl said...

I haven't found any pumpkin patches either, but there are some great pumkins at the Turkish Deli on Nytorgsgatan on Sodermalm if that's anywhere near you! Can't seem to find any pumpkin carvers either, so am going to try with a regular knife and figure if I still have all my fingers come Halloween I will be happy!

Desiree said...

OhioGirl, thanks for letting me know about the place on Nytorgsgatan. I haven't been there. I got my pumpkin carving tools from the US (only have to find them). I guess a regular knife will work out pretty well.

Annika said...

UNDERBARA Stockholmsbilder!!
OCH den där utställningen på Fotografiska hade jag GÄRNA velat se!
Pumpor ÄR så vackra!!

Fröken fräken said...

Desiree, vilka underbara bilder du har tagit. Det gör mig så glad och kommer hålla mig på topp humör hela dagen. Så tack. Jag hoppas på att Fotografiska har nån exhibition när jag kommer, jag vill så gärna gå dit. Det va jättelänge sedan jag va där. Visst är det skönt att inte behöva någon bil. Du verkar ha fått en toppenhelg.


Desiree said...

Annika, ja du hade garanterat gillat fotoutställningen.

FrökenFräken, åh vad roligt att du gillade bilderna så mycket. Fotografiska har bra utställningar hela tiden och denna om djuren håller på tills mitten på januari 2012 så den hinner du gå och se. Jag hoppas att Stockholm kommer vara strålande vackert då du kommer hit.

Taina said...

Jaha han har varit på älgjakt? Kul för honom. Ska inte berätta något för Jonas. Han kan inte ens ta död på en mygga. Hahahaha!

Vilken fin dag du fick! Att cykla iväg och bara fånga dagen är ju bara för underbart. Vad gäller museum så är jag urdålig på sånt! Skulle behöva vara lite mer kulturell.

Kul att du har fått tag på pumpor! Jag har inte gjort något annat än rostat fröna. Kanske jag ska försöka mig på något annat i år?


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Jag älskar dessa bilder är så vackra jag kan tänka mig detta ställer de är otroligt