Monday, July 18, 2011

Norther Summer Sky

The other night there were just the most amazing colors in the sky. I was sitting inside watching tv when I looked out the window and saw the most red color reflected on the withe walls on the building opposite to ours. So I peaked outside and there was just this spectacular shade of reds and pinks on the horizon. I rushed inside and grabbed my camera. I love the dark silouettes of the church tower against the sky. This was just right before some heavy rain was coming in.

I stood outside unable to turn away for quite a while. This picture was take slightly earlier than the one above and the one below. But my favorite is still the first and the last picture here where you have the great mix between the blues and the reds in combination with the dark outlines of the buildings and the church tower.


Lotta said...

A kodak momement for sure!

Vilken tur att du tittade ut och hade kameran. Otroligt vackert med kyrksiluetten mot den färgsprakande himlen.


Victoria said...

Så vackert! De mörka siluetterna framhäver himlens färger ännu mer. Använde du en tripod här?


Taina said...

Sådana bilder skulle jag aldrig lyckas ta! Tack för att du delar med dig. Underbart!


Saltistjejen said...

Vad underbart vackert!

Petra H said...

Jättevackra bilder!! Vi tog ju hur många bilder som helst av himlen från vår lägenhet i Puerto Rico, vi kunde liksom inte se oss mätta på de vackra solupp- och nedgångarna!

Anonymous said...

Always beautiful the views of Sweden!!!