Thursday, July 28, 2011

More American stuff on the shelves

Something I have come to like more and more is our grocery store, the Ica Maxi at Sickla. It is considered to be one of the best ones in the Stockholm area and I can agree with that. When it comes to American food products they have a large section of the store dedicated to these. Recently they this section has grown and they have added more products.
I can't say that I buy many things from here or buy any item regularly but it is still great to have the selection. When it comes to tomato sauces, diced tomatoes with spices and beans there are many other brands that cost less that come from here. Cereals with a lot of added sugar is not something that I consume here and nor did I do in Alabama either.

Marshmellows we did buy in order to make S'mores for our 4 th of July party.

We also did buy some American mustard for the party and I buy some of the BBQ sauces sometimes. I still love to stop buy and take a look here every time to see if I find something that I have been missing.
It would be fun to compare the prices because my guess is that most of the stuff here is quite expensive compared to what you pay for the same stuff at the super market in the states. But I do appreciate that you can find it here.

There used to be an all American store with food products in the city but it closed as most of the local stores started importing and putting up sections like this one. I have been to a number of grocery stores around Stockholm and our Ica has the best and the largest American section of them all. So if you are looking for anything American this is the place to go.


Linnéa i USA said...

oj vad mycket! jag gillar riset! MUMS!

Fröken fräken said...

Wow va mycket olika produkter det fanns hos er, är det något nytt? Jag tycker det är kul att mataffärerna expanderar sina sortiment. Jag måste erkänna att jag ibland köper prepac mac and cheese.

Elisabeth said...

It's nice to see that you have the option to buy some American foods. Like you, I don't eat much of the pre-packaged foods, but it's good to know that you can get items like cranberry sauce and marshmallows if you need them. Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce wouldn't be the same! :-)

Interestingly, some grocery stores in the US have actually started to stock at least a few shelves with European foods--even in Arkansas! We can now find German, Dutch, and British foods in a a few of our grocery stores. I even found Singoalla and salt licorice! No joke: in Fayetteville, Arkansas! Not that I eat any of that anymore, but it's at least available.

Lotta said...

Kul med sånt utbud! Bara känslan och vetskapen att det finns är bra. Priserna är ganska så saftiga. Jag ska jämföra ;) Poptarts tex kostar nog $3-4 här

Som sagt, jag gillar utbudet och once in a while om det passar eller suget sätter in är det väl helt ok att betala vad det kostar.



Desiree said...

Linnea, ja de har bunkrat upp med en hel del på hyllorna här och det gillar jag :-)

Fröken Fräken, Det känns som denna ICA är rätt unik som ändå har ett pass så stort sortiment. Det är jättekul att de tar in så mycket.

Elisabeth, I agree with you. The cranberry sauce is nice and I have also bought the pumkin filling sometimes. That is great news that more stores over in the US are also putting up European stuff on their shelves. Maybe grocery shopping is becoming more and more international slowly :-)

Lotta, jag är rätt säker på att priserna här är rätt saftiga men ändå kul att det finns. Det är samma sak med de amerikanska tidningar som jag köper här ibland de kostar 85 spänn och i USA hade de kostat mig 5 dollar. Well well så är det men ibland är det ändå värt att lyxa till det.

Eleonor Walston said...

Vad coolt!! Det ar som att se pa hyllorna har i staterna! =)